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What's new

Completely rewritten and optimized code, improved design.

Connect to YouTube - connected user can add/remove videos to favorites, load watch later list, get uploads, favorites, contacts and playlists
Access token is only valid for 1 hour, so please disable popup blocker on this page to get reconnect working properly.

Search Engine - Chrome will automaticaly add this search engine, Firefox click on arrow and then add search engine, or click Add engine

Media Keys Shorcuts - play/pause, stop, prev and next (even from Media Center remote)

YouTube Playlists support - add/remove videos, create new playlist, delete playlist

Continious Play - of video results, even in fullscreen.

Reorder with drag&drop, shuffle and sort results by length, view count, favoriting count...

Keyboard shortcuts - click on Shortcuts button in top right area

Direct link to YouTube - copy link to share on Facebook or Twitter

Get user Favorites/Videos

Search Playlists, Channels, Users

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